About the Super Cat Alcohol Stove

The Super Cat is a small, lightweight and easy to make/use alcohol stove. Originally designed in 2004 by Jim Wood, this is considered as one of the smallest and most powerful alcohol stove designs available. Even better - it's by far the easiest to make. A $.50 can of cat food and a paper hole punch is all that's needed. See the Make a Super Cat page for full instructions on how to make your own Super Cat.

Super Cat Alcohol Stove Specifiations

Weight: 1/4 ounce

Size: 1 3/8" high with 2 1/2" diameter

Approximate Burn Time: 6 minutes, 45 seconds when using 1 fluid ounce of denatured alcohol (a perfectly accurate number depends on a number of factors, including the number of holes and their configuration, temperature, altitude, etc.)

Stove Showdown

Click the following image for a full document comparing a number of stoves head-to-head, including the Super Cat Alcohol Stove, the Pepsi Can stove, the MSR Pocket Rocket, the Snow Peak GigaPower and the MSR WindPro.

Stove Showdown, Comparing the Pocket Rocket, Super Cat, WindPro, GigaPower and Pepsi Can stove.

Super Cat Head to Head with Other Stoves

The follwoing are various pros and cons when comparing the Super Cat to other stoves, especially commercially purchased gas/canister stoves like the MSR Pocket Rocket or WhisperLite.

Super Cat Pros

  • Light
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to Make
  • Readily available and easily refillable fuel

Super Cat Cons

  • Slower boiling times
  • More prone to wind/rain issues
  • Less flame control