Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use something other than a Fancy Feast can?

Absolutely. Other cat food cans work well (I often use a Disney brand of cat food that's about $.20 cheaper in the stores I shop at). Just make sure it's aluminum as a steel can will be much heavier. The easiest way to tell is by pressing the sides. If they give a bit, it's aluminum.

Other cans will also work, although changing sizes may cause varying results. Experiment away!

What is the best type of pot to use with the Super Cat?

Any small to medium size backpacking pot works fine. I've used an 8" wide 2 liter pot and it worked just fine. I wouldn't recommend going bigger than that, though. Also, some have experienced that having very narrow pots, like the smaller titanium mugs, don't work as well. As the flames come out the side of the can, they tend to lick far up the sides of the narrow pots.

My personal pot of choice is the GSI Kettle, pictured on this page. It's lightweight, holds plenty of water and has a nice wide base. It also makes pouring my hot water into a mug or bag for food/drinks a cinch. And, at $20, it's much cheaper (but just as light) than some of the titanium alternatives.

How do I get/make a windscreen?

A windscreen is an essential piece of ensuring the Super Cat functions most efficiently when outdoors. It protects from the wind (it is easily blown out) and focuses the heat up the pot, resulting in faster boil times.

You can make your own windscreen out of heavy duty foil or the disposable cooking pans from the super market. Cut the material into a long rectangle. When in use, set it around the border of the pot like a circular wall around a castle.

When making the windscreen, ensure it is long enough to encircle the stove - while the pot is on it. It should be 3-4" tall, which allows it to extend past the top of the stove.